Bankras; designed as a garden city and conceived from a single concept with four related residential neighborhoods.

De omgeving

10 minute walk
from the center
of Amstelveen

The Bankras neighborhood, about 10 minutes from the center of Amstelveen, was designed as a garden city and conceived as a single concept with four related neighborhoods. This is reflected in the strips of parkland running through the entire district with water features, separate footpaths and cycle paths. On the Evenaar (indeed: the street connecting the Western and Eastern hemispheres) a park, called Bankrasheuvel, is situated on a large hill. Through a number of shortcuts (for example at the Riek Blokland Paterlaan or via the Machineweg) you can easily walk or bike to the beautiful Middelpolder towards the Amstel, where there are also a number of sports fields. Its location close to Amsterdam and the good public transport connections via the express tram ensure that it is a popular neighborhood to live in.
aerial view of road surrounded by trees

Kostverlorenhof and Bankrashof Shopping centers

On the north side of the district the partially covered Kostverlorenhof shopping center is located: named after a former farmhouse located in the Bankras polder. There are two supermarkets: Dirk van den Broek and Albert Heijn. And many local stores for daily shopping, such as the wine shop Drinkservice Francoise, sandwich store Vers van Gijs, Kruidvat and optician De Haan Optiek. For the Japanese community traditionally based in Amstelveen, there are several specialty stores in the area. In the coming years this shopping center will be further refurbished. On the south side of the district is the Bankrashof shopping center on the Oranjebaan. Here you will find a Kruidvat, Lidl and Vomar supermarket and an old fashioned, good shoemaker.




Plenty of choices and opportunities to get around due to the excellent accessibility of Bankrasstaete both by car and by public transport. Located just north of the A9 motorway, you can easily drive to Amsterdam, Haarlem or Utrecht via the A4 or A2 motorways. Time for the sun? With Schiphol Airport only 20 minutes away, a vacation is never far away.
The Amsterdam Zuid train station is about 5 kilometers away and easy to reach by (electric) bike. Would you rather stay dry? About a five-minute walk away is the Oranjebaan bus stop, from where you can take a bus to Amsterdam Zuid train station which takes about ten minutes. Around the corner you will also find a metro station, where you can take metro line 51 or tram 5 to Amsterdam Central Station.


in Amstelveen

Living in Amstelveen, the second greenest city in the Netherlands, has been extremely popular for years. All the amenities are within reach here. The famous Amsterdamse Bos is in your proverbial backyard and after a few minutes cycling you will find yourself in the vast polder landscape. The center of Amsterdam, with all the beauty this city has to offer, is just around the corner. Anything you want to do in your spare time, you can do it here.


in Amstelveen SO GREAT?


What could be finer than an evening of delicious food with good company? For exceptionally good food go to Aan de Poel restaurant, this restaurant has two Michelin stars. Besides the food, the view is also excellent, because as the name suggests, it is beautifully situated on the lake De Poel. If you wish to have an evening of pampering, then this is the place to be.

Are you shopping or going to the theater and also need to eat? Then a trip to Zorgenloos Eten en Drinken is highly recommended. The dishes are accessible but manage to surprise every time due to the great execution. There is also an extensive menu for those who like to eat in between meals.

Seafood lovers go to Wine Kitchen at Sea. Here you can enjoy all the goodies from the sea, expertly combined with the finest wines. The interior of the monumental building is a feast for the eyes and the lovely terrace ensures that you never want to go home.

Celebrate the weekend and catch up with friends in the BLVD café. This café is located in the heart of Amstelveen. In addition to good food, you can also dance the night away at one of the parties they organize.

aerial view of road surrounded by trees

The Amsterdamse bos

The Amsterdamse Bos is the perfect place for relaxation. If you want to relax, you can go to Spa Zuiver. This sauna, where you can book treatments throughout the day, guarantees a relaxing day. But the forest has more to offer, you can enjoy walking or rowing on the forest course.

For families there is also plenty to do, such as visiting the goat farm, the children’s pools and the Fun Forest.

aerial view of road surrounded by trees

Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

Ouderkerk aan de Amstel offers a picturesque refuge from the hustle and bustle of its infamous northern neighbor. The village is a popular destination for bicycle tours from Amsterdam and Amstelveen. Ouderkerk is close to the Amsterdamse Bos and the village of Uithoorn, which lies further along the river.

Ouderkerk offers a wide choice of restaurants and cafes, with most popular spots along the river. The hip Restaurant Jamie van Heije is a popular choice with restaurant-goers, as is Loetje aan de Amstel across the river, with its bustling waterfront terrace. And for lovers of Indonesian cuisine, a visit to Ron’s Gastrobar Indonesia is also worthwhile.

aerial view of road surrounded by trees

The Westeinderplassen

Just outside of Amstelveen, near Aalsmeer, are the Westeinderplassen. This is a wonderful area for water sports. You can have a great time sailing here and at the surf beach you can also water-ski, windsurf, SUP and flyboard.

You can relax on the large lawn or on the sandy beach. The water runs slowly so also with children you can experience plenty of water fun. To top it all off you can enjoy the sunset on the terrace of the Westeinder Pavilion.

aerial view of road surrounded by trees

Cruising the canals

Seen enough of nature? Enjoy the Amsterdam canals by boat, accessible via the Amstel
River. From the water, you have a fantastic view of the historic canal houses, which look
very different from this point of view.

boat on body of water

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