Asked Questions


I want to rent a property, what should I do?

Step 1: Register with preferred apartments
Choose your preferred apartments. You can do this via the property finder, by clicking on Apartment Finder in the menu. Here you can view the apartments per floor. Then you can add the residence to your favorites by clicking on Add to preferences. At the bottom of the screen your apartment preferences are collected. When you have added your preferences (minimum 1) click on Register Preferences to start or continue your registration. Fill in your email address. You will receive an email with a link to create an account for the My-environment.


Step 2: Enroll
Once you have created an account, fill in your name and address. Then you must fill in all the requested information. The preferred apartments which you added to your favorites in step 1 are automatically included here.


Step 3: Complete the registration
After you fill in all the information, you will have the opportunity to upload your documents. This is an important part of the registration. Without the documents, the registration is not complete. Please upload the documents as .jpg or .pdf and the maximum file size is 10mb.


Step 4: My-environment
Once your registration is complete, you cannot make any changes to your registration. In the My-environment you will find all developments and updates regarding the allocation process. As soon as there is a new development, you will always receive an email about it with a link to the My-environment.

What are the rental conditions?
Income standard

The tenant is required to meet the income standard. As a rule of thumb, the gross income per month (without taking temporary allowances into account) needs to be a minimum of 3 times gross monthly rent.



Included in the calculation of the monthly income is the gross salary including holiday allowance and excluding bonuses or other variable allowances.


Self-employed person
The gross monthly income is calculated by dividing the net annual profit before taxation by 12. For self-employed persons, a deposit of three months applies, incl. service and heating costs.


Retired person

30% of the available monthly income can be added to the gross monthly income to meet the income requirement.


Leasing together

Both incomes can be added for 100% to meet the joint income requirement. We do not lease houses to students.


Other conditions

  • The minimum lease period is 1 year, unless communicated otherwise
  • For all houses of Bankrasstaete a deposit of 1 month applies by default (incl. service costs)
  • Possibility diplomatic clause in consultation
  • Possibility guarantor in consultation
Which documents should I deliver/upload?
Standard documents: 

  • A clearly legible colour copy of a valid ID card or passport (front & back) in accordance with the guidelines of the central government
  • Extract Personal Records Database with Address History (available at the municipality where you are registered, not older than 1 month)
  • Copy bank card for the direct debit authorization
  • Landlord statement or mortgagee statement of your current house
  • If your house has been sold:
    – Last annual income statement from your mortgage lender
    – Purchase agreement (sale own house)
    – Mortgagee statement (available with your mortgage lender)
  • Divorce settlement (if you are divorced, due to extra income or expenses)



  • Employer’s statement (not older than 1 month)
  • Copy last 3 payslips
  • Copy statement of bank account showing last 3 salary transfers
  • Copy bank card of the same bank account number as the statement of account


Self-employed person:

  • Proof registration Dutch Chamber of Commerce (not older than 1 month)
  • Audit reports of the last two years (signed by your accountant or bookkeeper)
  • Copy last assessment notice income/corporation tax
  • Personal income statement (previously IB60 and IBRI) of the past 2 years
  • Copy statement of business account (not older than 1 month)
  • Copy bank card business account


Person entitled to a benefit/retirement:

  • Copy last annual income statements (old-age pension)
  • Copy statement of account showing last 3 benefit/retirement transfers
  • Copy bank card of the same bank account number as the statement of account
When do I have to pay the deposit/first month's rent/first month's service costs?

Ten days before the start rental date, the deposit and the first rent payment must be in the bank account. No key transfer will take place if the first month’s rent, service costs and deposit have not been received in time.

How are the apartments assigned?

During your registration you can decide on several preferred apartments. Your preferences will be taken into account as much as possible. If several interested parties have a preference for the same apartment, allocation will take place based on the best match between the candidate and the apartments. If there are several candidates of equal suitability, the apartment will be allocated at random, or a choice will be made based on a personal meeting. We advise you to make several preferred addresses known, this will increase the chance of obtaining an apartment.

What is the minimum lease period?

The minimum lease period is 1 year, unless communicated otherwise.

Are there service costs in addition to the rent?

Yes, there are also service charges. These are for all services performed in the common areas, janitor, internal bicycle storage, solar panels and other services in the complex. For this you pay a monthly advance depending on the size of the apartment you rent. At the end of the year there is a settlement based on actual costs and the advances received. Based on the actual costs, the advance payment for the following year may be adjusted.

Can I visit the apartments?

Yes, you can but you must make an appointment.


What does the kitchen look like?

Each apartment has a white kitchen with a black granite countertop. The kitchens are fully equipped with Siemens appliances such as a built-in dishwasher, built-in combi oven, spacious fridge-freezer, induction hob and extractor hood.

How does the bathroom look?

The bathrooms have a walk-in shower, washbasin, mirror with lighting and a towel radiator.

Is there a connection for a washing machine?

Yes, every apartment is equipped with a connection for washing machine and/or dryer.

How are the floors and walls finished?

It’s a concrete floor with underfloor heating. The floor is ready for further finishing. The walls are ready for painting.

Do the apartments have curtains?

No, the apartments are rented without curtains.

Do the apartments have curtains?

The building is heated by means of district heating. With the thermostat in your apartment you can determine the temperature in your apartment. The apartment is heated by means of underfloor heating.

Is there an internet, TV connection in the apartment?

There is an internet and TV connection available from Ziggo. A contract must be concluded with this service provider. In the living room is a LAN cable internet connection.

Do all homes have a balcony or outdoor area?

Yes, all the apartments have their own outdoor space. This is either a balcony or a terrace. A number of apartments have a balcony and terrace.


Is there a private storage room available?

The apartments have an internal storage room on the ground floor or parking basement.


Can I rent a parking space?

We offer parking spaces within the Bankrasstaete project. Costs per parking space per month are € 180,-.


Is there a bicycle shed available?

The bicycles can be placed in the private storage room. There is a general bicycle shed available for visitors.


Are there solar panels available?

Yes, there are solar panels available. These solar panels generate energy for the common areas and elevators.


How is my data handled on the website?

All personal data provided will be processed in accordance with the AVG guidelines. Our website has a cookie statement, disclaimer and privacy statement. When creating an account in the My-environment you agree to the processing of the data provided.